WWPOD (The Rock enters The Hall Of Fame)

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  • Song Name: WWPOD (The Rock Hall Of Fame)
  • Artist: Mike and James
  • Album: WWPOD
  • Year: 2013

WWPOD (The Rock enters The Hall Of Fame)

Mike and James discuss The Rock entering the WWPOD Hall Of Fame.

One of our best shows (Originally meant for 2012)

Topics Include;

St Valentines Day Massacre

The Rocks Debut

The Rock Vs Kevin Kelly

The Rocks Films

The I Quit Match Royal Rumble

Funeral to Stone Colds Belt

It doesn't matter what your name is
Billy's Prayer to God

The Rock and Sock Connection

The Rock and Big Show (The Royal Rumble)

McMahon at Every Corner

No Mercy Kurt Angle Pinning The Rock

The Rock does the best impressions

Mo Way Out

WrestleMania 17 Austin Rock 2

SummerSlam 2001 Booker T Vs The Rock
WCW Champion

Wrestlemania 18

Brock Lesnar Vs The Rock

Wrestlemania 19

The Rock Vs Goldberg